About Live Well Retreats

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”   Ryunosuke Satoro

Live Well Retreats NZ are the retreat and wellbeing event specialists. By pulling together New Zealand’s most inspirational and talented wellness professionals, nutrition experts and life coaches we create unforgettable journeys for you to embark upon.

We carefully select the most amazing venues in picturesque remote locations to create beautifully balanced weekends full of nurture and wellness!

Given each of our retreats are uniquely designed to nourish your mind, body and soul, considerable planning for every retreat programme is involved. This ensures clarity and flow so that the purpose and theme of the retreat is skillfully interweaved throughout the weekend. Everything on the programme from the menu, to the particular yoga poses, to the time of day events are scheduled is there for a specific purpose, ensuring you get the most out of your retreat experience.

Live-Well-Retreats-Logo-retinaOur retreat programmes generally incorporates:

  • Power Vinyasa Yoga and relaxing Yin Yoga
  • Variety of inspiring workshops (e.g. cooking workshops, vibration sound workshops)
  • Meditation
  • Sometimes alternative fitness programs with functional strength training
  • Scrumptious, delicious whole foods with a vegetarian cuisine focus
  • Options for relaxing healing body work

Our mission at Live Well Retreats is to raise the bar of consciousness for ones own wellness and optimal health.

Our retreats are designed to be achievable for a range of budgets for New Zealand woman and men who want to live wholesomely inside and out.

It is our goal to leave you imprinted with memorable experiences that will enhance your life, making connections with self and with other likeminded people.

If you are seeking to:

  • Learn from incredible teachers
  • Unplug and unwind from the pressures and busyness of life
  • Explore and experience the beauty of nature
  • Unearth the essentials of your wellbeing

Live Well Retreats NZ welcomes you to revive and retreat with us

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