Day Retreats and Special Events2018-05-18T14:56:27+12:00

Day Retreats and Special Events

Need a bite size wellness pick-me-up or if cant yet get away for a week or weekend retreat? These day & micro retreats, yoga workshops & special events are for you. Some of these events are even based in your own town so you don’t have to go very far for very long to experience a few hours of bliss – not as advantageous as our full and weekend retreats of course but still a wonderful harmonizing experience.

Past Retreats…

The Live Well Relax & Restore Haven2020-04-07T11:27:48+12:00
Vin Yin & Tonic Labour Day Event2018-05-18T14:56:34+12:00
Emotions and Essentials Oils Class2018-05-18T14:56:34+12:00
Winter Wellness Micro Day Retreat2018-05-18T14:56:34+12:00
Escape and Discover Yoga Day Retreat 20172018-05-18T14:56:34+12:00
Restoring Autumn Weekend Retreat2018-05-18T14:56:35+12:00