Retreats Abroad2018-05-18T15:21:29+12:00

Retreats Abroad

The ultimate retreat experience; too cold and crispy in NZ then let’s escape together to somewhere exotic abroad where its still warm and toasty! Enjoy days of balance and wellness blending in yoga, exploring the sights and beauty of the land, relaxing spa treatments and healthy cuisine staying at a beautiful resort by the sea. These are generally week long retreats so you get a full revamp of rejuvenation, returning home refreshed and renewed only problem you face is you won’t want to return home

Past Retreats…

The Live Well Relax & Restore Haven2020-04-07T11:27:48+12:00
Vin Yin & Tonic Labour Day Event2018-05-18T14:56:34+12:00
Emotions and Essentials Oils Class2018-05-18T14:56:34+12:00
Winter Wellness Micro Day Retreat2018-05-18T14:56:34+12:00
Escape and Discover Yoga Day Retreat 20172018-05-18T14:56:34+12:00
Restoring Autumn Weekend Retreat2018-05-18T14:56:35+12:00